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  • Express Citizenship in 4 Weeks
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    Our company specializes in Second Citizenship services whether by Investment Programs, or discretionary citizenships. Citizenship by investment programs is available in Commonwealth of Dominica, St Kitts, Bulgaria, Cyprus or Malta. […]

  • Second Citizenship Made Easy
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    You may want to obtain a second passport or citizenship (dual nationality) because for example: political instability in your country makes obtaining visas for travel difficult or impossible, or because […]

  • Second Passports | Why a second citizenship?
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    Offshore services whether company incorporation, bank account opening or second citizenship are all about spreading your political, litigation or other risks beyond one jurisdiction, which is a simple application of […]

  • Bulgaria | from Long Stay Residence to Permanent Residence to Citizenship
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    Many countries in Europe have started to offer long stay residence permits but none have yet a program as well structured than Bulgaria. Do not hesitate to contact me if […]

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